Saturday, August 20, 2011

8dpiui Update

I had my progesterone blood draw yesterday and it came back at 21. My RE just wants to see a 10 or above.

14 things to do before I am 14dpiui

1. Go hiking with Apollo - I took him to a mountain bike loop we frequent and hiked while the boys biked. He was worn out!


2. Clean out and organize our closests
3. Go to the Del Mar horse races with my family {birthday gift from my Mom} - We are going today!
4. Finish reading Water for Elephants
5. Fill the four empty photo frames I bought - I filled them all! Forgive the crappy cell phone pics.

{master bedroom - Grand Tetons photo by the lovely branmuffin and Trevi Fountain photo in Rome by Mr. B}

{master bedroom - for my love}

{living room - red frame - watercolor by my late Great Aunt Libus}

{above the fireplace - our Man Bear Dog in Yosemite, loving the snow!}

6. Bring lunch to work every day - So far, so good.
7. Eat dinner at home on weekdays - Err. We cheated a few times this week :( Hopefully we will be better next week.
8. Pick a paint color for our office
9. Get a massage with my gift card
10. Finish the shower repair in the master bathroom
11. Spend the night away with just Mr. B and I - We are staying down in Del Mar tonight, thanks to my Mom :)
12. Try at least two new recipes
13. Plant shrubs/cactus in Tom's new enclosure
14. Try a new restaurant - We went to a wonderful Greek place on Sunday night called Orea. It was really good. We were with a group of 24, so we shared everything. For the appetizers, we had Saganaki {pan-fried sheep cheese}, Spanakopita, hummus, tzaziki and Greek fries. For my entree, I ordered Moussaka, a baked eggplant and lamb casserole in a bechamel cream sauce. For dessert, I had Kataefi Krema {a Greek style "cheesecake"} We definitely want to go back!

Mrs. B


  1. Happy your progesterone level was good!!!

  2. I hope your 2ww is going by quickly and that you get good news!! Aww, I love your man bear dog. So cute! Way to fill those frames!! :)

  3. AAAHHHHHH I'm so happy to see that photo hung!!! May The Big Boobs bring you lots of luck xoxo Thinking of you lots!