Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome to our house

I really should have started this blog back 4 years ago when we first moved into our house. Boy, what a journey that's been! I will try to condense 4 years into one blog post. This house belonged to my in-laws. This was their first home and they had been renting it since 1975. It was built in 1958, so pretty old by California standards. Let's just say the condition of the house 4 years ago was unbelievable. Like, I cannot believe anyone lived here. We gutted almost every room. Wait. No. We gutted EVERY room! We definitely did not take enough "before" photos, so I only have a few to share. No picture could quite capture how gross it was...

Kitchen before. Ew.

Living Room before. My Mom and I scraping the ceiling.

Master Bedroom before. This is after we removed wood paneling off the walls.

And just a few "after" pictures. These are cell phone pictures from today. Our house keeps changing, so I had to take new ones and was too lazy to get the good camera out:


Living Room

Master Bedroom (with old TV)

We did all of the work ourselves, so we are STILL doing things 4 years later. I was inspired to blog about this because I have a landscaper coming over today. I am so tired of the dust, dirt, mud, etc. from the backyard. It's all dirt. And with a dog, it's awful without grass. We need sprinklers and sod. I am really excited.

See? Dirt. All dirt.

We do have a wonderful avocado tree though, with LOTS of huge fruit! Our friends love us for these :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Our plans: Dinner with FIL tonight. Saturday is Cruisin for the Cure and Disneyland with family. Sunday is a scavenger hunt at Disneyland. Lots of Disney goin' on. I hope we win the hunt, or at least place.
Mrs. B

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  1. OMG my backyard looks like that too, all dirt/dead grass and a boxer! So i definitely know how much dirt the dog and humans track in. I can't wait to see the landscape in the front. Hi by the way, I'm shediva1 from TTGP :) I live in so cal too!