Thursday, September 8, 2016

Baby #3 - 36 weeks

A few of my baby bump favorites from our maternity / family shoot at 35 weeks:

How far along.... 36 weeks! THREE WEEKS TO GO, PEOPLE! It's getting serious over here.

How am I feeling....  Good! I do feel extra huge this time, like this baby literally has nowhere else to go so he/she is going straight out. Sleep is not painful and my compression socks keep the ankle swelling down, so besides having to pee all the time, I really have no complaints. My emotional state is still all over the place, but that's normal for me, ha. I am still very, very excited to find out if baby is a boy or girl and that keeps me focused on something happy and positive, and my mind off the impending c-section surgery and recovery that I always dread. 

How is baby doing.... Very good. Staying put and moving all the time, day and night. I am at the doctor weekly now and while my blood pressure tries to creep up every time they take it, I get good readings at home. Darn "white coat" syndrome. I just want to make it to our scheduled date, especially with the recent news that Nick
will be traveling for work the WEEK BEFORE our c-section. 

Last time to see baby on the ultrasound screen... 32 weeks :)

Milestones, etc.... 
 I thought I had that terrible itchy PUPPS rash again like I did with G, but it only lasted for 4 days and went away, so my doctor doesn't think that's what it was. It was very weird and it made me think I was having a boy again. But now I am totally unsure again. The guesses at work are pretty even for boy vs girl. We scheduled our newborn shoot so it's on the calendar. I still don't think we are 100% sure on a girl name, but we do have a boy name we love. What else? Grayson is very excited to meet his newest sibling and he is mama's biggest help these days! Such a love. He helped me get my jeans off this morning as they were stuck and not going to happen at this point. And Cora is completely enamored with her baby doll, so I think she will be very interested in this real baby. She is such a mama's girl, but she loves Nanee even more if she has to pick between us. That will help a lot with the transition. I plan to check in once more here before baby comes.... almost a family of FIVE!!!


  1. Wow those pictures are just beautiful!! Cannot wait to see if baby is a he or she! Good luck!

  2. You look radiant! So excited for you!-Kj

  3. the pictures are really beautiful!! cant wait to find out if its a boy or girl!! really really happy and excited for you!

  4. You are absolutely stunning! So gorgeous!!