Thursday, January 16, 2014

Neurologist Appointment

I had a neurologist appointment yesterday for my migraines. I know they are caused by my hormones, but I wanted to see a doctor for new ideas on pain management, especially after ending up in the ER again back in early December. They definitely seem worse when coming off a failed cycle and I stop medications, like the progesterone. Which makes total sense because hormonal levels are dropping or spiking and that's the cause of my migraines. It also means that this break cycle turned out to be a wonderful break from those awful headaches. I didn't have a single one! Woohoo!

We discussed trying some supplements; magnesium, riboflavin and the herb Butterbur, have shown some relief to migraine patients, when taken daily. I have to check with Dr. A before taking these while cycling, but it's definitely something I will try once I am done having kids. I would much rather take daily supplements than take pain medications and/or go to the ER. For now, I have Toradol for the pain and Reglan for both migraine relief and nausea/gastric upset relief. The Toradol doesn't always work, but it seems to help. However, I haven't tried the two meds combined before, so hopefully they do the trick the next time I need it. They are both safe to take while trying to get pregnant too.

Fingers crossed for no migraines this next cycle!  CD1 is today, so off we go with IUI #4.

p.s. I had to laugh... I talked to my neurologist about our Infertility during my visit. You know what he tells me? "I bet you will get pregnant if you just relax." Really?! The old cliche, from a doctor, of all people. Thanks bud. I hadn't thought of that. ::roll eyes::



  1. Good luck this cycle! Fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Botox has helped my migraines a lot. Now I cannot have it b/c of pregnancy and can tell the difference.