Monday, January 7, 2013

Working Mom

 First time in a shopping cart!

I made it through the first week of work. Thankfully, it was only three days last week. On the first day, I cried as soon as I pulled up to his daycare and then I cried again when I handed him to the teacher. And a little bit at work too. I really wanted to drive back home and snuggle with my baby boy, but I knew I couldn't do that. I am working so we can move into a big house in a fantastic neighborhood with great schools. I am working so we can give Grayson a great life. I am working so we can take him to see the world. Daycare is good for him too. He is socializing with other babies, learning to be independent and he really loves his daycare. It would be different if he was crying and upset, but he's not. He happily goes to any of his teachers, plays with all the toys and takes his bottles like a champ. He makes his Momma proud :) Plus I go visit around lunch time and breast feed him.

What I do hate is pumping. Oh my gosh, do I hate pumping. Breastfeeding is wonderful and I love it so much. Pumping is completely different. It gives me anxiety because I feel like I am not getting enough milk for him. They tell me that sometimes 5 ounces doesn't seem like enough for one feeding, that he fusses when he finishes. And he is eating every two hours! I keep pumping, even on the weekend, and continue feeding him on demand when he is with me. I'm trying to keep my supply plentiful so I stop stressing about it. I also hope that the solid foods will help keep him full. He has had several weeks of rice cereal and this week he is starting on apples. I am determined to give him breast milk until he is a year old because I know how wonderful it is for him. But this pumping is going to be the death of me. Anything for you, Grayson!

On a better note, our house is SOLD!!! All contingencies have been removed and our buyer is scheduled to close on January 16th, although their bank may push that date back a bit because of the holidays last month. We'll see. Either way, we have 3 days after the close of escrow to move out. We started packing and got a storage unit already, and started moving stuff this past weekend. We are SO excited to get out of there. We are looking at houses all the time and have a backup offer on one we really, really love. Problem is someone else really, really loved it too and we missed it by an hour. An hour! We are the first back up, but we aren't holding our breath. The perfect house is out there. In the meantime, we will be living with my parents and saving more money.

One thing I try to always remember amidst the chaos: family comes first and cleaning comes last :)



  1. So true! Family first! I am in the middle of SUCH a messy house today while I pack so I know the feeling! You are such a good mamma!!! Grayson is a doll!!!

  2. hahaha- sorry I posted under my hubby's name- this is Brittany :)