Monday, December 31, 2012

Five Months

Five months old! I really can't believe it. And next month he is half way to one?!?! I wish time would slow down!

Some milestones...
  • He had not refused a bottle, until just recently. I go back to work on January 2nd, so baby boy needs to take a bottle. We had to start from scratch and it was SO hard on me. I hated to hear him crying because he wanted me. It broke my heart :( But we kept trying and switched to the Playtex latex nipples because they are softer, and he finally took a bottle from my sister and then from Nick. It seems best if he doesn't see or hear me for a while before the bottle. I work so close to his daycare, so I am going to breastfeed him on my lunch, at least the first few weeks.
  • His first airplane flight went so well! He slept almost the entire time on both flights. Yay :)
  • He started blowing bubbles recently. It cracks me up. Sometimes he does it into the air and other times onto my arm. 
  • My favorite thing ever: he grabs my face with both hands and gives me giant slobbery kisses all over my face. I love it! I kiss him right back and enjoy those priceless moments so much.
  • He sits up on his own, but he isn't 100% stable yet. If he looks up too high, he will fall backwards. But we keep practicing. He still likes to sit in the Bumbo too.
  • We started solids. Rice cereal was first and he really liked it. He seems to swallow a good amount of it too. He even wants to hold the spoon and feed himself. So grown up already. I tried sweet potatoes and he loved them, but he ended up spitting up a lot the rest of that day and everything was orange. From what we read, orange foods (sweet potatoes, carrots, etc) are not good for babies who still spit up a lot or have reflux. I am going to try a fruit this week and see how it goes. I can't wait until next month when I can start giving him finger foods.

  • The spitting up is dramatically reducing. Hallelujah! 
  • He doesn't want his pacifier anymore, which I am happy about. I do use it when he is really fighting a nap and won't take the boob.
  • He has started reaching for me when he wants his Momma and can see me. However, he is doing really well being held by other people too. We were around a bunch of family for the holidays and he did great with everyone. Here he is playing the piano with his Great Grammie:

Other tidbits about being 5 months old...
  • His first Christmas was so much fun. We went to Nana and Poppa's house first thing in the morning and opened his stocking and some gifts, and then spent the afternoon with my in-laws.
  • He still loves the Ergo and I still love wearing him.
  • The biggest thing has been his fascination with his hands. He stares at them and goes cross-eyed, and he grabs EVERYTHING now! And everything he grabs goes straight into his mouth. He wants whatever I am holding and anything within reach. The first time he reached for my cup of lemonade I wasn't prepared and we both ended up with it all over us, ha! Now I know to hold on tight :)
  • He loves water bottles. Any time I am holding one, he wants it. It keeps him entertained for a long time.
  • He prefers to be on his tummy if I put him on a blanket or his play mat. He sleeps on his back, but any other time he rolls right to his tummy.
  • He loves to be on Daddy's shoulders. He smiles the entire time.
  • He is scooting a lot now. He can move himself pretty far on his own. He seems determined to crawl as soon as his body cooperates with his brain ;)
  • He still sleeps pretty well at night. Some nights he would rather blow bubbles when I lay him down, but eventually he falls asleep. He can really fight his naps, but he does eventually settle down and sleeps anywhere from 30 min up to 3 hours!
  • His hair is still getting thicker, especially on top. It seems to be getting a bit darker, but still has lots of red in it.

  • His eyes are still a dark blueish with some green toward the center.
  • He is wearing 6-9 month clothes. All of our 6 month Carters stuff is getting snug.
  • He is wearing size 2 diapers.
  • No idea how much he weighs because we don't go back to the doctor until his 6 month check-up.

Sweet G, I love you kiddo. I hate that I have to leave you to go back to work, but I am doing it so we can move into a nice big house and give you everything and take you everywhere. We love you so, so much.



  1. So adorable! I can't believe he's 5 months already...time is flying! I love all the pictures. Keep 'em coming =)

  2. Your son is one of my favorites to follow on Instagram because he is so absolutely darn cute in every photo! I also think we have a lot in common. Good luck tomorrow. That is so great that his daycare is so nice and close that you can go feed him at lunch. 😀

  3. OMG he's adorable. It's insane how cute he is. Hooray for sitting up and scooting! He's getting so big!