Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two Weeks

This feels like both the fastest and slowest two weeks of my life!

I am down 33 lbs so far. My incision has healed up nicely and physically I feel great. I've been walking as much as possible, and just started swimming again, and I am excited to start doing more once I am cleared by the doctor. I will see my OB on Tuesday. I am having hormonal migraines again, something that completely went away while I was pregnant, so I am going to ask her if there is something I can take for them while breast feeding.

Grayson is doing really well now too. We had a slow start with his weight gain because of breast feeding issues. I was determined to work through them so we did not have to give him any formula. It was tough. My milk finally came in and then I was engorged and then he was latching, but not swallowing as much as he should have been. We think the pacifier was part of the problem too, so we stopped using it.

His birth weight was 8lbs 11oz and he was 7lbs 10oz at our appointment on Monday. I was devastated that I was failing my son. The pediatrician was getting concerned. I started pumping and we are supplementing two bottles a day with the 8-12 breast feedings. On Thursday he was up to 7lbs 14oz - what a relief! He is finally gaining weight and the breast feeding is going really well now. He is a great sleeper so I am getting two 3 1/2 - 4 hour stretches of sleep every night. A well rested Momma = a happy Momma :) We have been taking him out and about - to the pool, to the beach, out to eat, shopping - and he has been wonderful. We have lots of fun stuff planned while Nick is off work with me. He goes back in September and then I'm on my own until January.

The Blue Steel :) Zoolander, anyone?!


p.s. I swear that one day I will post the nursery reveal. Promise :)


  1. Such a cutie! And so glad you worked through your breastfeeding issues! No one tells you how devastating it is when your baby starts losing weight! Glad to hear he's back on an uphill trend.

  2. You look FANTASTIC. And you give me hope that I'll drop a good chunk of my pregnancy weight moderately quickly. ;) Grayson is a total doll. Glad you're able to be out and about, and that nursing is going better these days.

  3. I LOVE the zoolander faces babies make! KILLS ME! He is perfect! And you are one amazing mamma because breastfeeding is HARD STUFF!!!! Keep it up mamma you look great!!!

  4. I'm so glad you're healing quickly and feeling well. You look great too! Sorry about the migraines though :( Hope they can give you something for them. Way to go Grayson on breastfeeding!!! That a boy, Auntie Bran is so proud of you! Way to fight through it Megan, such a super mama ((hugs))