Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Other Kids

The fur (and shell) kids are excited about Grayson's arrival too.
Norman is excited because he can play in the empty boxes of baby stuff.

Apollo is excited because he will have someone to throw the ball for him.

Baby Girl is excited because my belly keeps her extra warm.

Tom... well, Tom doesn't really get excited. He's a serious kinda guy at 75 years old ;) Here he is taking a long drink of water after his winter hibernation.

I am so excited to raise Grayson with our little zoo. I remember how much I loved animals growing up and how much they taught me from such a young age.



  1. I love your little zoo! I had a friend tell me yesterday to get rid if the cat if I ever get pregnant. I think I will get rid of her instead. The cat is staying.

    It is funny how Bella is already a lot more clingy of me. We had to move her bed to my side of the bed last night because the last three nights she slept there. She never leaves my side. It is really cute.

    I really love the name Grayson!