Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ankle Dents

I thought that would be a fun title for this post :) My ankles seem to be permanently swollen now, some days worse than others. I was showing the girls at work how you can push on the swelling and it dents in. We were all laughing about it. I try my best to put my feet up when I get home, but I am not very good at that. I am always go, go, go.

See? Ankle dents :)

My feet and ankles, at the end of the day.

The bonus of swollen feet? New, bigger shoes!



  1. Ugh. This is a new one for me too. I need some new summer shoes!

  2. That looks uncomfortable! My mom said her feet would swell so bad she could do that, too. (But she had pre-e, so hers was a symptom of something larger.) Love the shoes, though! I will wear pretty much any shoe made from canvas...especially TOMS.

  3. Poor thing! July is coming up fast-you'll be deflated before you know it ;-)

  4. I stayed swollen for almost a month after I had my son too. Idk if the dent was happening with me, but I'll be sure to try this time around! You should be back to normal and even more fab in no time! Love the shoes tho!

  5. Ahhh, the beloved ankle dents ;) You make them look good though, especially in those new shoes!