Monday, July 18, 2011

Time is moving so slowly

This feels like the longest two weeks of my life!!!! I feel like I am taking crazy pills LOL. Zoolander, anyone? It's only my favorite movie EVER :)

I decided to make a list of things to do in the meantime. Hopefully this will keep my mind off of things. p.s. I stole this great idea from


  1. My husband quotes Zoolander on a daily basis. I *love* that movie. Good luck with your list! I need to make one of those to get me through the next 2WW. Not only will it keep my mind occupied, but I might actually get something done around the house!!

  2. Am I a dork that I got excited babysitting the Munchkin is on your list? =)

  3. This is random, but have you ever watched True Blood? The guy that plays the vampire "Erik" is also in Zoolander as one of Derek's roommates that dies in the gas fight. :) I laugh even more whenever I watch Zoolander now because it's so hard to see "Erik" as a Zoolander model.