Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cycle Update

I had my CD4 baseline ultrasound on July 4th {we were out of town for CD2 and 3. And of course my neurotic self is already feeling like I ruined our chances by starting Clomid a day late ::rolling eyes::} Everything looked good. The RE said my lining was at 4.7mm. From what I have read, we want it to be between 8 and 13mm by the time we do the IUI. They gave me a rx for 100mg of Clomid and scheduled another monitoring appointment for July 12th. From there, they will decide when to give me the hCG trigger and schedule the IUI. Timing may be a bit tricky because Mr. B will be out of town July 15th - 19th for work. I am hoping that we can do the IUI by the 14th, but if not my RE did say they can freeze a couple of sperm samples.

It's so weird to type all of that out. We are doing an IUI. It's very surreal. I guess I am just going through the motions right now. I am not getting my hopes up, mostly to protect myself if this doesn't work. Thank you to everyone rooting for us :)

Mrs. B


  1. Good luck! I'm so glad everything looks good and you're able to get this process started =)

  2. I understand not getting your hopes up. Leave the rooting up to your followers- GO Mrs. B! It's so exciting that you're headed in a good direction. Lots of warm, happy, sticky-baby wishes headed your way :-)