Monday, April 25, 2011

More "Renovations", this time back to the backyard!

I know, I haven't even posted the "after" pictures of the Master bedroom and bathroom yet. But I promise they are coming soon. They are 99% done. We like to start new projects even when there is more to do on the existing ones ::sigh::

The Mr. has been begging me to remove our pond. It had a leak somewhere in the plastic liner, it cost $20 or so every month in electrical and it was very difficult to keep clean. Plus the Herons were always eating our fish :(

The Task List:
  • Remove the pond, fill in & level the dirt and remove current plants
  • Build new walls and move Tom's enclosure over where the pond used to be 
  • Plant a tortoise mix for him to eat, some cactus and shade plants/trees
  • Build or buy a bench for the Mr. and I to sit and watch Tom. He is so fun to watch and right now we don't have anything good to sit on in his enclosure.
  • Build or buy Tom a new house for sleeping and shade
  • Plant a garden in the old part of Tom's enclosure

The Progress, so far:

Cutting up the pond liner, to throw it away. Apollo likes to help his Daddy :)

Filled in the pond hole, leveled and removed the plants. This area will be all Tom's when it's done.

This is Tom's existing area.

A little drawing to help you visualize the future of this area ;)

Mrs. B


  1. How exciting! I love projects. Can we see some pictures of Tom?

  2. I will add his picture under Apollo's on the right :)

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