Sunday, February 22, 2015

Four Weeks

This post was titled "Two Weeks" but I obviously missed that! Oops! It's been a bit crazy 'round here, as you can probably imagine. Nick and I are good at teaming up to get things done, but some days can be a challenge. Those are usually the ones where our dog takes a giant shit on the floor during the night, the cats both puke up their breakfast right on G's train tracks, Grayson wakes up cranky and cries about every single thing that happens, I haven't showered in two days - you know those days when nothing seems to go right? But I try to enjoy the good, little moments in between because I know how fast this all flies by.

Cora is eating great and growing, we had our newborn/family photo shoot, and Grayson loves his sister. And I am sooooooooooooo tired! Baby sister is not as good of a sleeper as G was and has been. We got so, so lucky with him, and right from the beginning too. He is a crazy toddler right now who can throw a serious tantrum, but he ALWAYS sleeps. She does sleep, it's just shorter intervals and she is quite the grunter and keeps us up in between feedings too. Plus my stupid let-down... it was the same with Grayson and the reason I have babies that spit up a lot. My milk let down is strong and causes her to take in air when nursing. That leads to hiccups and pain for her, so that keeps her up as well. I am trying everything I can to help it, but it's one of those things that I can't do much about. We are talking about moving her to her crib in her own room sooner rather than later. That would mean I will have to get up and go to her room for feedings so I am still debating that one. But we are working on it and it's only four weeks in, so things will keep changing, I'm sure.

This is her first piggy comparison picture, at two weeks old. I'll have a one month post up soon since tomorrow is her one month birthday!

A few favorites from our photo shoot

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  1. I feel your pain my dog did the exact same thing has explosive poop all over the downstairs carpet not once but twice in a week when our little boy was probably five weeks old same with the cats also what were we thinking right lol hang in there!