Monday, November 3, 2014

25 - 27 Weeks

26 weeks

How far along.... 27 weeks and 3 days. Time is flying!

How am I feeling.... I passed my glucose test, yay! I'm still feeling great. The heartburn is kicking in a bit. It started at 28 weeks last time, so I am not surprised. I am trying to eat small meals throughout the day so it doesn't flare up as bad. I am feeling extra big this week, as the belly is starting to get in the way for things like putting my shoes on and giving Grayson his bath. The weather has been amazing - 50's and 60's, yes please! I am so excited to end this pregnancy in the winter instead of the summer. My mood has been great. I am getting very excited for the holidays and then meeting baby girl in January.

How is baby doing.... She never seems to stop moving!!! She is an active girl. I was wrong on my last post - we will see her as we have an ultrasound next week to check on her growth and position. She seemed to be breech for a while, but I am suspecting she may have turned as her kicks seem much higher up now. For a while there she was kicking my bladder constantly.

Milestones, etc.... 
We scheduled my repeat c-section for January 23rd (39 weeks)! I'm still indecisive on the VBAC. I don't really have to decide unless I go into labor before that date. I am thinking I will try for it if I do. For now, no need to stress about it when I may not have any say in the decision anyways. We also scheduled our maternity family photo shoot for November 30th. Super excited for that.

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