Monday, December 16, 2013

Moving Forward

I started a new cycle today, but we will be on a break due to the holidays. Dr. A's office is closed the 24th and 25th, right about when we would be triggering, so this cycle is out. The good news is that my body will get a break from the meds again and we can enjoy the holidays without stressing about getting pregnant. Our plan for now is to try a 4th and final IUI in January. I am going to do acupuncture along with that cycle as well. I did it on the cycle I got pregnant with G and I really enjoyed it. 

I had two awful migraines these past several days. That is really my biggest fear with a failed cycle. The pain can be so overwhelming that I have some of my worst and darkest thoughts. While I am waiting for my neurologist appointment, I am going to get a good cardio routine down. It seems the more exercise I do, the less I have these migraines. It's more of a challenge to fit that time in for myself with Grayson, but Nick is willing to help me so we are going to work on it during this break. 

One thing I am sure of... being a Mom is my favorite and most proud title. I will fight just as hard for a second child as I did for our first. 



  1. I am so sorry the last cycle ended in BFN. I hope this break is just what y'all need to come back and have a successful cycle in January. Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm sorry you've had to fight so hard, especially with round two. It goes without saying that you deserve for this time to be easier, and I hope that this past cycle will be your last disappointing one. Rest up, Mama, I hope those migraines stay away! XO