Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Truth

I won't lie. I have been hoping and wishing, with all of my might, that we would be one of those couples that are surprised with pregnancy number two. You hear about it all of the time. Those who go through hell and back to get pregnant the first time and then, surprise! They are pregnant with no medical intervention, maybe not even planned, and for some reason it happens and it's wonderful. And of course, no doubt, I am thrilled for them! Honestly. This isn't about me being upset for those that this happens to. Not at all. I am just mourning the fact that this hasn't happened for us

My cycle returned around three months post-partum and we haven't been preventing for a while. Sure, we could wait longer and maybe it would happen on it's own at some point in time. But who am I kidding, we aren't getting any younger and because we have some unexplained reason for it not happening the first time, it scares us to wait too long. Plus we are excited for another baby. Very excited. 

We never did get the answer why it was so hard for us the first time. What's crazy is that it took seven, yes SEVEN, mature follicles for us to have one viable baby. I wonder all the time if that means anything. I have no clue, but I wonder.

We are heading back to the RE, Dr. A, on August 22nd. I am looking forward to seeing them again and talking to him about a plan for baby number two. I do feel a certain confidence that we can achieve another pregnancy with Dr. A's help. I hope we can. But it sure would be awesome if my body would work the way it's supposed to for once.



  1. <3 I hope everything goes great at your appointment. I know that hope of getting pregnant on your own. We were going through IUI the same time you were when you got pregnant, and it still hasn't happened. For the past year I hoped and prayed it would just happen, but no. I hope it only takes you one cycle with your RE! Good luck!

    1. Jenn - I have been thinking about you. I am so sorry that it hasn't happened for you guys yet. Hugs.

  2. Good luck at your appointment. I hope to see another adorable "baby B" ASAP. Also, that last picture of you and Grayson is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Best of luck at your next appointment!! Your little guy is adorable!!! Your pictures are amazing! That last one of you and G is gorgeous!!!!

  4. Good luck at your appointment! I know exactly how you feel. The nurses in L&D even "warned" me about how many IVF/fertility enhanced mamas they see coming back a *very* short time later with a surprise spontaneous baby... I never actually believed it would happen for us, but we definitely hoped! I hope your next TTC journey is far briefer and easier than your first, and I can't wait to follow along.

    PS: That picture of you and Grayson is gorgeous.

  5. Good luck at the RE, Megan. I wish it had happened for you easily too, but I am so excited for a second baby B. However they end up coming about, you guys make some beautiful ones and you are great parents to Grayson.