Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Landscape and Pool Project

We are SO excited about this project! We wanted a pool when we were house shopping, or a house under our budget that we could do our own pool. We definitely preferred doing our own because most of the houses we were looking at had old pools and none of them were our style. It worked out perfectly with this house.

The front is almost complete. The landscaping is done, but in the future, we want to paint the exterior {pink?! eww} and put new lighting up. I have been looking at rustic/industrial copper fixtures, like this or this. We asked for a drought tolerant landscape with a natural, but modern feel. They did a fantastic job!

The front yard...




And the back yard...


Demo complete and pool hole is dug.

Steel, plumbing and electrical


Planter walls are in, stack stone is started, new concrete patio decking is poured and pool tile is in.

Another view from the other side of the yard.

Mini pebble plaster finish complete and filled with water. Tom, the desert tortoise, lives in that planter to the left, that wraps around the back of the pool. He has so much room now and it's planted just for him :)


We would eventually like to stucco the walls and plant more plants, but we love it! I have always dreamed of having my own pool after swimming in everyone else's all my life. I am a fish and now Grayson is proving to be one too, so it's worth every penny to us :) 

We are having Grayson's first birthday at our house so everyone will be able to enjoy the pool. Stay tuned for pictures at the end of this month.



  1. Jealous! I mean, not here in SF where it rarely gets hot enough to warrant a pool, but jealous if I lived somewhere hot enough to use a pool! I would be in it every day, it looks amazing!

  2. Wow! That all looks fantastic. I love it!

  3. It looks fantastic, love it!!!!

  4. Hi,

    I'm writing from a home improvement website, and we're interested in using a before and after image from your front yard as part of a slideshow on hardscape ideas that work. Please email me at and I'll give you the details. Thanks for your time!


  5. I love how your front yard turned out! It's lively and inviting! You could maybe add some flowering plants or shrubberies to balance the color harmony. It will definitely make your landscape look more attractive. Good day!

    Gwendolyn Reyes @ Tapestry Landscape Architecture