Thursday, June 6, 2013

My First Stitches, or why you should go to the doctor

Technically I had internal sutures and staples for my c-section, but I digress. The real point of this post is simply a reminder to all of my bloggy friends, or anyone who stumbles across my blog.

A few months post-partum, I noticed a freckle on the side of my boob. It had always been dark, but it was beginning to look bigger. I thought maybe it was because of all the stretching that breastfeeding does to you, so I sort of put it off. About a month and a half ago I looked at it again and I was pretty certain it had grown and darkened more. It seemed unusual to me because that spot never, ever sees the sun and I always assumed that sunburn = skin cancer. I decided to call up a dermatologist I really liked and used to see in my teens for my acne. She did a once over of every inch of my body and agreed that the one freckle I was concerned about was worth a scrape biopsy. A week later the nurse called and said there were abnormal cells in the biopsy and that they recommend further removal of skin in that area. I freaked out. But the nurse reminded me it's not cancer. Yet. It could turn into it though if we don't remove all of those cells. Yesterday they removed more tissue and stitched me up. I know that a big hesitation for me to schedule this appointment was my fear of a removal like this. A fear of stitches. Mostly a fear of passing out because I always get myself worked up when it comes to medical stuff. It's all mental and I know that. But I will not let that fear stop me from going in. I will now schedule two skin checks every year, forever. The doctor told me that things can change in just a few months so it is important to come in twice a year, or sooner if you notice any changes on your own.

And that's why you need to go to the doctor. Don't skip your annual well woman exams. Don't put off asking your doctor about a suspicious freckle. Take care of yourself. Your family and friends love you and need you.



  1. How scary! I am glad you caught it!
    I am full of freckles! I need to go, I just need to take the first step and make the appointment! ;-/

  2. OMG! I'm glad you are ok!! This is a great reminder. Speaking of which, I need to make an appointment for myself, I've had a sore/swollen throat for the last three weeks and it hasn't gone away.

  3. I've had three moles removed over ten years. Skin cancer is nothing to fool around with. Glad you went to your doc!

  4. I had something similar when I was pregnant. I have a big scar on my leg now due to some complications but I am alive!!! I need to get checked again, actually...Glad you are ok!

  5. So glad you are okay, and thanks for the reminder. I definitely need to make an appointment myself.