Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nine Months

It was a hot weekend, so we took this month's pictures almost naked :)

This age is SO MUCH FUN! Can he just stay this age forever?!?!?!

Milestones and Firsts...

  • His favorite thing to do is move! He crawls like a champ now and then climbs up anything he can find. He loves to stand and cruise down the furniture. Crawl, sit, play, crawl, climb, stand, sit, crawl, play. Both Nick and I never stop moving either so I guess I am not surprised.
Video clip of our active, happy boy:

  • He loves to explore. He is much more independent now. He is very adventurous and brave, and curious about everything around him. He is such a boy. He bonks his head and falls/tumbles sometimes, but we make a point to not react except in a positive, distracting way and he carries on without even a whimper.
  • We are still breastfeeding and he usually has 3 bottles of formula at daycare.
  • Boy can he eat!!! He "complains" when you don't feed him fast enough! I just started adding containers of cut up finger foods (fruits, veggies, chicken, bread, puffs, etc) and applesauce or yogurt to his daycare meals.
  • His sleep is the best it has ever been. He goes to bed by 8pm and I usually have to wake him up between 7 and 7:30 to go to "school." He still fights his naps, but he takes about an hour and a half to two hours worth of naps.
  • He had his first "hair cut" at home. I trimmed the sides of his hair so they weren't growing into his ears.
  • He loooooooooooves the water! We are in the process of getting in-ground pool quotes because I am obsessed with the water too. SO excited! For now, we are playing in a little kiddie pool and at our community lake.
Video clip of G playing in his pool:

Other tidbits about being 9 months old...
  • He is {almost} always happy. He really seems to enjoy life and that makes Nick and I so happy.
  • He loves when Daddy plays with him, especially pull-the-baby-in-the-box :)
Vine video clip:
  • He is "talking" a lot lately. "mamamama", "babababa", "dadadada"
  • He hates laying down for diaper and clothing changes. I have to do them as fast as I can and distract him with anything he will focus on. He is way too busy for this laying down stuff ;)
  • His eyes are still a dark blueish with green in the center and his hair is still a very light brown with a reddish tint. He looks like he got a lot of features from Nick's Dad.
Playing at the lake. We sure love our new house and neighborhood!
  • He is wearing 12 month clothes.
  • He is wearing size 3 diapers.
  • He weighed 19lbs 11oz, measured 27 inches long and his head circumference was 45cm at his 9 month check up yesterday.

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  1. SUCH a cutie! He is growing up so fast, I can't believe it. I love the picture of him cuddling up in the crook of (your?) arm. So adorable =) Happy 9 months!