Monday, February 4, 2013

House Hunting. Ugh.

Our house officially closed escrow on 1/31 and we moved into my parent's house. It's been pretty chaotic adjusting to a new routine with all of our stuff scattered everywhere, but it's getting better.

We have the money in the bank now and no contingency on the sale of our house. Perfect for making offers! Except there is a huge shortage of houses on the market. We are being picky too because we want to live in this house for a very long time. We don't mind waiting for the right house, but we also have to be careful how long we wait because interest rates are already rising and because of the shortage, home prices are too. And when we do find the right house, we will be competing with other buyers to actually get it. We have made offers on five houses so far. Three sold to other buyers and we are back-ups on the other two. Our search continues....

I had to share this picture. How is he so darn cute?! Neither of us were ever this cute! We bought him an outfit for our family photo shoot I have planned in the near future. This hat goes with it :)


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  1. Love! I see a tiny hint of Asian in this pic! He is too dang adorable. Keeping my fingers crossed you'll find a home in no time!